Grand Opening of Haikan

On Saturday @ 5:00 PM was the grand opening of a new ramen noodle shop, Haikan in Shaw area of Washington, D.C.. For those that are fans of Daikaya ramen, it is owned by the same people. The line wasn’t crazy and accommodated the maximum seating capacity fairly quickly. In witnessing the work flow, things were running smoothly amongst the staff and the bartender was very knowledgeable in the dishes and cocktails. I had ordered a ramen with vegetable broth and added Chashu pork and egg. The vegetable broth had the right amount of spiciness and was flavorful and not overbearingly salty. The noodles which is imported from Japan were “al dente” and there was a surprisingly generous amount of tender Chashu in my bowl. My friends had ordered the Shio and the Shoyu which tasted light and smooth except for the Shoyu which had a hint of seafood flavor which it isn’t quite of my liking. We had also ordered the poutine which was an interesting take on the popular Canadian dish because the French fries (which were average) was topped with tofu. As for drinks, I can’t recall the exact name of the grapefruit cocktail with shochu and soda but it was very popular at the opening and I was curious to try one for myself since I’m a sucker for grapefruit plus, it helps you boost your metabolism! It was perfectly blended and was semi-sweet in which I had enjoyed. Inside of Haikan, it appeared contemporary and clean with very bright lighting. No sleeping here after finishing your bowl! The restaurant can accommodate many customers at booths, bar tables and even outside bench seating for I believe the maximum occupancy is 60+ people. So this is a great pick for large groups. I definitely recommend this place and hope to return soon. 다음 시간까지!


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