Geek Out Thursday

Spider-Verse @ Dragon Con ’16. Credit: Jeff James

To my fellow geeks out there, I bring to you Geek Out Thursdays where I’m sharing with you random geek news and ugh…geek stuff I rather talk about than politics. Deal with it.

Let’s see. There are not many shows I’m keeping up with right now since I’ve finished Marco Polo, Stranger Things and The Get Down on Netflix. I’m waiting for my superhero shows to come back on at the end of September and early October. Some shows that are on now that I try to keep up with are: Suits, The Strain and Mr. Robot. I’m two episodes behind on Suits but am caught up on the other two.

On Mr. Robot> As a fellow CEH and IT worker, I really enjoy this series but this season has been slooowww with build-up but with all good reason based on the big twist in episode 8. The latest episode was excellent and it’s all that we’ve been waiting for by interweaving important moments for these characters, specifically Angela and Elliot. It was interesting to see how FBI Agent DiPierro is tracking F Society’s footsteps. She’s a different type of FBI Agent than what I’m used to seeing on television and I love it! Joanna Wellick is such a sadistic and sexy character. When she walks over to Elliot when he denies her request, I wasn’t sure if I should be scared or turned on? Also, the one-take point of view at the end of the episode was a wonderful touch. Recap by Rolling Stone

Joe Manganiello = Deathstroke> Well, looks like the rumors are true! Former True Blood actor and former Flash Thompson in Raimi’s Spider-Man is finally making his way into the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). For those that don’t know DCEU, it’s the movie verse much like how Marvel’s is Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). I totally am with this casting. I think he will play an excellent Deathstroke in The Batman that’s directed and starring Ben Affleck. Manganiello has the age, physique and bad-ass persona. I think he’s the third actor to come from a Marvel movie. Source: WSJ

What’s up with Dragon Ball Super?> I’m a big fan of Dragon Ball series since I was in middle school. I’ve read some of the manga but was mostly into the movies and TV series. The idea of Akira Toriyama resurrecting the Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) series is a profitable one but a lot of the concepts I’m not really digging. The whole Super Saiyan God thing and hair coloring with pink and blue is just ridiculous to me and seems to be a cheap out in power level transformation. I thought Super Saiyan 3 was pretty cool in DBZ and they could’ve done better to top that. Although, I do kind of like the potential with Goku Black but we’ll see how that goes. I had seen a few people at Dragon Con cosplay as Black but no Future Trunks. Also, why couldn’t they have left Trunks with his longer hair do after coming out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and why does he look skinnier now? Oh, that’s right. Post-apocalyptic dieting. :/ Watch Trunks v. Goku Black


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