Places To Go

I feel like work is overbearing me, and what is life when you are not even living? ~ Yuna

Have you ever felt like you needed to get away from it all? “Places To Go” by Yuna is a good R&B-Hip-hop tune that summarizes the wander lusting individual that could use a change in their life because they may find work to be stressful at times or whatever you may be doing is occupying your time from what you rather be doing.

For instance, I’ve lived on the East Coast of the U.S. for nearly all of my life with majority of my time being raised in Maryland and living around the D.M.V. area. I would always hear stories of friends and acquaintances that had traveled to various places, studied abroad and lived here… lived there. I’ve always envied those people and had felt stuck to my surroundings. Why? Well, when I was younger, my parents would work hard to maintain in middle class living with a conservative lifestyle to save up for a decent house, my college fund and any contingencies that would arise. My parents would never take me anywhere on a plane and rarely anywhere out of state via car because they would always be working and rather save that money for future plans. Even then, it took me awhile to get on my own two feet with completing my education and finding a decent job.

At this point in life I’m all about living my life by traveling. Years 29 and 30 have been some of the most memorable years in my life because I’ve traveled to a lot of places I’ve never been to before such as Colombia, Brasil, Greece, Chile, San Diego, CA, Austin, TX, Montreal and Toronto. I got the opportunity to meet new people and have different experiences that I never had. My initial New Year’s Resolution for 2016 was to travel to a different destination on a monthly basis. I had to change this goal to a monthly average because I had begun to run out of paid time off and obviously, it gets expensive to travel after awhile. But I intend to do another post at the end of the year that summarizes all of the destinations I visited throughout December 2015 and all of 2016.

One thing is certain… I can use a change of scenery. Like I mentioned above, I’ve always been an East Coaster and am considering on becoming a West Coaster (by living in SoCal) or even a Far East Coaster (living in Seoul, South Korea). Most importantly, I’ve never grown up in a Korean community. I’d like to immerse myself in the culture. My potential game plan is to live in Seoul for about 3 years and then move to Los Angeles or Orange County for a few more years and see where I stand then.

Lets compare the advantages and disadvantages with moving to SoCal and Seoul:

1) SoCal has nice weather and beaches. They also have excellent food and a heavy Korean population. Oh, but there are also a lot of pop culture conventions that I can attend and most people seem more laid back than here in D.C. I also have friends all through California so I wouldn’t completely be alone. On the downside, I’d have to purchase a car again to drive everywhere while inevitably getting stuck in traffic. But… this would also allow me to get a bike again. Oh, how I miss riding my motorcycle! As for work, there aren’t a lot of IT jobs in comparison to San Francisco and D.M.V. area so it may be more difficult to land a job quickly.

2) Seoul is a way more efficient city with subway stops everywhere (more than NYC and DC combined) so I wouldn’t have to buy a car. I hear the food is great and is cheaper while clothes can be bit more expensive. I’d be heavily immersed in the Korean culture but would be away from my family and friends. Although, it’s possible that I’ll have military buddies that are stationed nearby. But I’ve always been the “lone wolf” persona. Probably because I was raised the only child and an adoptee at the same time? But I’m pretty good at making new friends so I don’t see an issue for short term. As for jobs, there are plenty in Seoul and having federal government experience and being bi-lingual will play as an advantage.


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