Review: Marvel’s Doctor Strange


Marvel does it again with their latest release, Doctor Strange. It was a fun, trippy and humorous movie that tells a new origin story but keeps the core elements of what makes a Marvel movie. I didn’t expect as much humor as it did but I feel that it worked well to keep the movie relatable and fun in bringing us a new aspect of astral projection, magic and dark dimensions. I thought Benedict Cumberbatch was perfect as cocky neural surgeon turned cocky Sorcerer. The movie wastes no time in showing us how Strange is adept in learning his newfound magical powers and it’s stuffed with plenty of action. We’re finally introduced to the next Infinity Stone, the Time Stone and it was cool to see Dr. Strange manipulate time to save the world and stop Dormammu from taking over! It was a quite clever idea on Derrickson and Feige incorporating the stone into Eye of Agamotto. The supporting cast was perfect with many known veteran actors Chiwetel Ejiofor as Baron Mordo, Tilda Swington as Ancient One, Mads Mikkelsen as Kaecillius, Rachel McAdams as Night Nurse Christine and Benedict Wong as librarian, Wong. The backstory for Mordo was changed quite a bit as in the comics as he was like Mikkelsen’s character in being obsessed over obtaining power from the dark dimension but instead Mordo is modified to be more of a purist in maintaining the order of things without disrupting it. It’d be interesting to see how he will develop and cross paths with Strange again. The special effects in the movie were nothing short of amazing and were reminiscent of what you’d find in Christopher Nolan’s “Inception” but on a slightly wider scale. I think Marvel did a good job in making the movie with a playful tone without getting too serious to make it a well-rounded and enjoyable film for comic enthusiasts and those unfamiliar with Dr. Strange. I highly suggest watching this in IMAX 3D as you’ll get a lot of eye popping sequences throughout the film that should be fun for the kids and adults alike. Although the movie was good, it’s definitely not the greatest film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and I believe many fans will still put “Guardians of the Galaxy”, “Iron Man” and “The Avengers” or even “Captain America: Civil War” ahead.


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