My Trip to Colorado

지난 주말에 빨리 갔어요! 근데 재미있었어요! 저는 지난 목요일에 덴버, 콜로라도에 여행 갔어요. 덴버는 별로 안 나쁜데 놀랍게도 음식을 좋았어요. 콜로라도 스프링은 아름다운 산들 있었어요. Garden of the Gods하고 Seven Falls에 봤어요. 그리고 날씨에 추운데 친절한 사람들을 만났어요. 콜로라도에 날씨 추워서 저는 콜로라도에 살지 않을 거예요. 여러분 그럼 다음에!

This past weekend flew by fast!  But it was fun! Last Thursday, I traveled to Denver, Colorado for a work trip. I thought Denver was alright but the food was surprisingly good. Colorado Springs had some beautiful mountains and I checked out the Garden of the Gods (meh) and Seven Falls (recommended!). The weather was cold but I met some friendly people while I was there. Because of the weather, I couldn’t see myself living there. Until next time!

P.S. I am planning to goto Korea this May, so I’ve been practicing my Korean more. I figured my blog would be a good place to start. Therefore, you might see English and Korean posts.


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