My San Diego Comic Con 2017 Schedule


It’s that time of the year again and I’ll be attending San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) for the second time. But this time, I’ll be going as an attendee rather than a volunteer which frees my schedule up to try and catch exclusives and panels! Because there’s so many things to do at SDCC, it’s difficult or nearly impossible to do everything you want! The veterans know that you’ll have to prioritize between what’s realistic and what you value the most. Also, it’s better to go with an entourage so people can wait in more than one line and you can have shift changes for line duties.

For the bigger panels that are in Hall H, you’ll have to spend the night before outside camping and waiting in the next day line into Hall H. But if you rather go to an autograph signing then you’ll have to get in the everything else line the night before so you can be grouped towards the front of the line into the convention center to head to the Sails Pavilion to grab a lottery ticket. The everything else line is for everyone that’s trying to get into the convention for an item exclusive, lottery ticket for autograph signing and etc. What sucks about the signings’ is that they’re extremely limited (e.g. 100 valid tickets / 500 total tickets) and your chances are up in the air which is better sometimes if you can’t make it all the way to the front of the waiting lines. Also, it’s impossible to watch all of the panels in Hall H and do all of the autograph signings. Because after a panel ends, the signing usually takes place an hour or two after. Unless, the panel is a late panel then the signing can happen before the panel starts or the next day. The biggest panels are normally on Saturday because Warner Bros. and Marvel Studios showcase their upcoming blockbuster movies with sneak peaks, behind-the-scenes, Q&A with the movie cast and etc. For instance, I’d like to see the Warner Bros. panel for Justice League and Blade Runner AND see the Marvel Studios Panel for Black Panther, Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War…. which is possible but if I had wanted to do the autograph signings, I’d have to prioritize which one doesn’t overlap and if I have to get to the Sails Pavilion area at 6:30 A.M. the day of to take a shot of luck on getting a winning lottery ticket.

As for item exclusives, this year, I haven’t been impressed with the exclusives but a couple caught my eye like the Funko Pop! Vinyl MMPR Megazord or the Game of Thrones Mountain figures and the 24th Century Fox Vinyl Blu-Ray sets. I’m looking more forward to seeing some panels since I had to miss a lot of them last year due to volunteering and I’d like to get some sketches from certain comic book artists. Such as, Rob Liefeld who created Deadpool. He usually does a bunch of sketches and randomly places them around public areas in San Diego near the convention center. He’ll post clues on social media (Twitter and Instagram) on how you can get them.

Most of all, since I’m a big fan of Batman, you’ll see my schedule list a lot of Batman-related panels in which I hope I can attend. Last year, I was lucky enough to grab a Bruce Timm sketch of Harley Quinn. This year, I’m hoping to get a Jim Lee sketch of Batman and a Rob Liefeld sketch of Deadpool.

-Get movie vinyls from Fox booth. Would like to get Deadpool + Logan vinyls. Comes w/ Blu-ray, DVD and vinyl soundtrack.
-Lego Minifig line @ 12:30p sails pav. Wait in line to press a button on a tablet to see if you win an exclusive Lego minifigure.
-Jim Lee panel @ 12:45p rm 6DE or rm 2? 1st opportunity for Jim Lee sketch.
-Blade Runner offsite 10a-7p. Free giveaways.
-Batman: Mask of Phantasm panel @ 4:15p rm 6A. Bruce Timm and Kevin Conroy appearance w/ free giveaways.

-Line open @ 6a to Sails Pav. for WB or Marvel autograph signing tickets
-Lego Minifig line @ 12:30p.
-TWD signing @ 1:45p. AMC booth
-The Punisher signing @ 3:30p. Marvel booth
-Game of Thrones signing @ 3:30p. WB booth
-Jim Lee panel @ 4:30p rm6DE. 2nd opportunity to get a Jim Lee sketch.
-Harley Quinn premiere @ 7p ballrm 20. The Batman & Harley Quinn animated movie will be screened w/ free giveaways.
-Hall H next day line camping

-Hall H @ 7:30a.
-WB panel @ Hall H 11:30a. Blade Runner + Justice League footage w/ appearances by the cast.
-Justice League signing @ ??. Schedule still hasn’t been released.
-Marvel Studios panel @ 5:30p. Teaser footage from Black Panther + Avengers: IW.
-Wildstorm signing offsite @ 7:30p.

-Game of Thrones offsite 9a-1p. Free Funko Pop Vinyl figure.
-Bruce Timm panel @ 11a rm 7ab
-Lego Minifig line @ 12:30p Tentatively scheduled based on success on Thu + Fri.


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