Top 10 SPOILERS in Spider-Man: Homecoming

1) Spider-Man’s Avengers Suit!
I really liked the suit when Tony revealed it towards the end of the film but am glad Peter didn’t jump the gun into being an Avenger. You really get the sense that Peter realizes that he had bitten more than he could chew when fighting against the Vulture. I think many people can relate to this in real life. I’d rather have Sony/Marvel focus more on the “Friendly Neighborhood” type of Spidey with NY-based villains which seems like the approach Marvel is taking which is good.

2) Michelle is MJ! But no not really.
Based on Kevin Feige’s publicized response, it’s that they wanted to put a twist on Mary Jane with Michelle as a potential love interest which I can see them doing. But in respect to Mary Jane, they didn’t use the same name but kind of proven the rumor to be some what true. But it would be weird if they introduce another MJ though. I think most fans weren’t thrilled with Zendaya’s performance and she wasn’t THE MJ we were expecting. I guess we’ll see what happens. I really do miss Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy though. But I never cared for Kirsten Dunst’s portrayal of MJ in Raimi’s films.

3) The Vulture is Liz’s Dad.
The Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner homage was excellently carried out on screen. I didn’t really see this twist coming. But I knew there was going to be some twist coming to where Keaton’s Vulture would discover who Peter was. I think everyone who watched “Homecoming” can agree that Keaton’s portrayal as Vulture has been the best on screen villain we’ve seen in the MCU.

4) Gwyneth Paltrow Appearance.
I figured Gwyneth Paltrow was done with making Marvel movie appearances after watching “Civil War”. I guess I was wrong! She makes a surprise cameo and ends up becoming engaged to Tony, unexpectedly though.

5) Recon Mode or Kill Mode.
The A.I. in Spidey’s suit is a little over kill and makes him too much like Iron Man. But would you really expect anything less from Tony Stark? I’m hoping they really downplay this in the upcoming films as I feel it takes a lot from Spider-Man’s abilities.

6) Vulture Doesn’t Rat on Peter?
Talk about a humble villain… Vulture ends up keeping his mouth shut on Peter’s identity as Spider-Man. I wonder why? Is it to protect his family or does he have an ulterior motive? Maybe, it’s because he respects Peter wanting to do better and envies him still being innocent and untainted from the real world.

7) There’s Two Shockers!?
The part where they introduce both Shockers by Keaton was pretty hilarious. What was once a gimmicky name ended up becoming an actual alias for Bokeem Woodbine’s character, Herman Schultz.

8) Scorpion Appearance.
I felt both Woodbine and Mike Mando’s characters were under utilized but it was expected. I’m hoping the end credits scene is foreshadowing a future Sinister Six movie and if they’re in the same prison as Kingpin (if you follow Daredevil TV series on Netflix), then this may not be too far from the truth. If they take the direction like M. Night Shymalan’s “Split” and keep it villain-centric or even like a Goodfellas-style movie where it’s “bad guy vs. bad guy” then it could turn out to be a good story.

9) No Spidey Sense?
It’s interesting to see Jon Watt’s focusing on a developing Spider-Man rather than a seasoned one or even a Spider-Man who seems to have a very short learning curve and becomes this expert super hero like in other films. Maybe, we’ll get this in “Avengers: Infinity War”?

10) Aunt May Discovers Peter’s Secret.
I felt this was rather sudden! But Marissa Tomei was lovely as a younger Aunt May and her reaction was priceless. We’ll see how she copes with this in the sequel!


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