Movie Review: IT


Wow! I went in with low expectations, despite the positive reviews by audiences and critics, I still didn’t expect it to be such an enjoyable movie. New Line did a fantastic job with the casting and screenplay. They gave a director with a short list of directed films and let him shine in jumpstarting a horror franchise. Kudos! For those that are fans of Stranger Things, you’ll definitely enjoy ‘IT’ as it starts Finn Wolfhard who plays Mike Wheeler on the show. In addition, they bring in Jaeden Lieberher, who played the kid, Alton in Midnight Special which I thought was a good movie. Wolfhard brings in a lot of the humor throughout the movie which the original ‘IT’ lacked and makes the movie more enjoyable and fun. The cast as a whole had good chemistry and gave the movie a lot of heart and I’m looking forward to see who they cast in the sequel! For those that haven’t read the Collider article yet, the young Loser Club cast provide their ideal adult casting choices for IT: Chapter 2, here.  I felt the ‘IT’ reboot really paid homage to the original and the most gruesome scene was probably at the beginning of the film. What really makes this movie a rated-R, is all of the cussing these kids do. Gosh, did I cuss that much when I was that young? Probably. There’s quite a few jump scares throughout the film to keep you awake and Bill Skarsgard  didn’t disappoint in filling Tim Curry’s large clowns shoes of playing Pennywise. I felt the movie had the right balance of scariness and humor. Hopefully, they sustain their momentum into the sequel. What did you think of the film? Who would you like to see in Chapter 2?


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