Geoff Johns on the Past, Present and Future of the DC Films Universe

I read a good article on the rundown of the DC Films Universe (DCFU, haha). Some fun facts: 1) Did you know the DC movie-verse is not officially named the DC Extended Universe? It was made up by a writer for Entertainment Weekly a couple years ago. 2) In 2013, WB Entertainment selected its first Asian-American CEO in history to run a major Hollywood studio.
Based on Vulture’s article, Geoff Johns had expressed warning signs of the earlier DC films like Green Lantern, Man v. Steel and Batman v. Superman. But during then, he was only serving as a consultant and much of the leadership at the time didn’t seem to want to include many of his recommendations. During those times, he was also trying to jumpstart comic sales with DC’s New 52 storylines which ended up getting another makeover with DC Rebirth last year because of the older generation of fans being displeased with designs, continuity and stories while trying to accommodate new readers. The Rebirth refresh was supposed to change that and allow more creative freedom for writers and artists without being plagued by continuity. It has been about over a year now (?) and many fans seem to be pleased with the richer content. For instance, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s new storyline, Dark Nights Metal has been selling out on its first run across the country.
Now that Geoff Johns is in the position with more creative control in the comics AND movies, they’re trying to do incorporate that into the DC Films Universe. Thus, allowing screenwriters and directors to make the movie that they want without having to include stuff from the past movies. There’s been a lot of inconsistent statements with what’s going on with the DC film franchise because some say the connected universe is coming to an end and some say they’re two separate universes which makes it confusing for fans. However, instead of Johns being burdened by the precedence of playing catch up to the Marvel Cinematic approach and the “DCEU”, they’re going to focus more on each movie to creative better stories. What’s interesting though, is the fact that Joss Whedeon was specifically hired to lighten up the Justice League movie script but it was just by coincidence with the tragedy that happened in Zack Snyder’s family that Whedon would take over the director duties to accommodate his changes into the movie.

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