Harley Quinn Day! 25 Years Since BTAS

This weekend on 9/30/17 will be Harley Quinn Day (normally Batman Day). But this year, since it has been 25 years since the incarnation of Harley Quinn in Batman: The Animated Series (BTAS), DC Entertainment marked this Saturday as Harley Quinn Day instead. BTAS was my favorite childhood cartoon growing and I always say they don’t seem to make cartoons like they used to. BTAS had such a mature tone that was ahead of its time and had such good stories with voiceover actor legends, Mark Hamill as The Joker and Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne/Batman  (I’m looking forward to meeting them at New York Comic Con on Thursday!) Harley has always been such a fun character yet annoying at times but Mad Love arc was such a great story that offered a complementary character to Joker in the series and the Batman Adventures comics-based on the animated series that lead to DC Comics making Harley part of continuity that lead to her in other comic books outside of the animated comics. Her popularity increased when Rocksteady released the Arkham video games (Arkham Asylum, Arkham City & Arkham Knight). DC Comics has been trying to use this to their advantage by having her own series and incorporating her more into the comics to boost sales but it seems that merchandise makes up for most of it. Her popularity even lead to her in Suicide Squad and I was intrigued when they casted Margot Robie as Harley Quinn in the movie and ended up enjoying her performance in it. I thought she was pretty spot on with Harley’s demeanor in the comics. DC Films are planning to release more spin-offs with, Gotham City Sirens movie which includes Poison Ivy and Catwoman, but I wonder who they’ll cast and hopefully they can get the tone right. I always thought Paul Dini and Bruce Timm conveyed the tone perfectly for BTAS. The other spin-off includes, a Harley and Joker movie which I’m not too confident on and a sequel to Suicide Squad which I feel won’t be better than the last one. More recently, Warner Bros. released Batman & Harley Quinn animated movie which is in the Timm-verse animation style. I thought the movie was okay as it was quirky and brought back the animation style I was used to growing up. Throughout the years there have been different renditions of Harley outfits, which one would you say is your favorite?


My San Diego Comic Con 2017 Schedule


It’s that time of the year again and I’ll be attending San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) for the second time. But this time, I’ll be going as an attendee rather than a volunteer which frees my schedule up to try and catch exclusives and panels! Because there’s so many things to do at SDCC, it’s difficult or nearly impossible to do everything you want! The veterans know that you’ll have to prioritize between what’s realistic and what you value the most. Also, it’s better to go with an entourage so people can wait in more than one line and you can have shift changes for line duties.

For the bigger panels that are in Hall H, you’ll have to spend the night before outside camping and waiting in the next day line into Hall H. But if you rather go to an autograph signing then you’ll have to get in the everything else line the night before so you can be grouped towards the front of the line into the convention center to head to the Sails Pavilion to grab a lottery ticket. The everything else line is for everyone that’s trying to get into the convention for an item exclusive, lottery ticket for autograph signing and etc. What sucks about the signings’ is that they’re extremely limited (e.g. 100 valid tickets / 500 total tickets) and your chances are up in the air which is better sometimes if you can’t make it all the way to the front of the waiting lines. Also, it’s impossible to watch all of the panels in Hall H and do all of the autograph signings. Because after a panel ends, the signing usually takes place an hour or two after. Unless, the panel is a late panel then the signing can happen before the panel starts or the next day. The biggest panels are normally on Saturday because Warner Bros. and Marvel Studios showcase their upcoming blockbuster movies with sneak peaks, behind-the-scenes, Q&A with the movie cast and etc. For instance, I’d like to see the Warner Bros. panel for Justice League and Blade Runner AND see the Marvel Studios Panel for Black Panther, Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War…. which is possible but if I had wanted to do the autograph signings, I’d have to prioritize which one doesn’t overlap and if I have to get to the Sails Pavilion area at 6:30 A.M. the day of to take a shot of luck on getting a winning lottery ticket.

As for item exclusives, this year, I haven’t been impressed with the exclusives but a couple caught my eye like the Funko Pop! Vinyl MMPR Megazord or the Game of Thrones Mountain figures and the 24th Century Fox Vinyl Blu-Ray sets. I’m looking more forward to seeing some panels since I had to miss a lot of them last year due to volunteering and I’d like to get some sketches from certain comic book artists. Such as, Rob Liefeld who created Deadpool. He usually does a bunch of sketches and randomly places them around public areas in San Diego near the convention center. He’ll post clues on social media (Twitter and Instagram) on how you can get them.

Most of all, since I’m a big fan of Batman, you’ll see my schedule list a lot of Batman-related panels in which I hope I can attend. Last year, I was lucky enough to grab a Bruce Timm sketch of Harley Quinn. This year, I’m hoping to get a Jim Lee sketch of Batman and a Rob Liefeld sketch of Deadpool.

-Get movie vinyls from Fox booth. Would like to get Deadpool + Logan vinyls. Comes w/ Blu-ray, DVD and vinyl soundtrack.
-Lego Minifig line @ 12:30p sails pav. Wait in line to press a button on a tablet to see if you win an exclusive Lego minifigure.
-Jim Lee panel @ 12:45p rm 6DE or rm 2? 1st opportunity for Jim Lee sketch.
-Blade Runner offsite 10a-7p. Free giveaways.
-Batman: Mask of Phantasm panel @ 4:15p rm 6A. Bruce Timm and Kevin Conroy appearance w/ free giveaways.

-Line open @ 6a to Sails Pav. for WB or Marvel autograph signing tickets
-Lego Minifig line @ 12:30p.
-TWD signing @ 1:45p. AMC booth
-The Punisher signing @ 3:30p. Marvel booth
-Game of Thrones signing @ 3:30p. WB booth
-Jim Lee panel @ 4:30p rm6DE. 2nd opportunity to get a Jim Lee sketch.
-Harley Quinn premiere @ 7p ballrm 20. The Batman & Harley Quinn animated movie will be screened w/ free giveaways.
-Hall H next day line camping

-Hall H @ 7:30a.
-WB panel @ Hall H 11:30a. Blade Runner + Justice League footage w/ appearances by the cast.
-Justice League signing @ ??. Schedule still hasn’t been released.
-Marvel Studios panel @ 5:30p. Teaser footage from Black Panther + Avengers: IW.
-Wildstorm signing offsite @ 7:30p.

-Game of Thrones offsite 9a-1p. Free Funko Pop Vinyl figure.
-Bruce Timm panel @ 11a rm 7ab
-Lego Minifig line @ 12:30p Tentatively scheduled based on success on Thu + Fri.

Top 10 SPOILERS in Spider-Man: Homecoming

1) Spider-Man’s Avengers Suit!
I really liked the suit when Tony revealed it towards the end of the film but am glad Peter didn’t jump the gun into being an Avenger. You really get the sense that Peter realizes that he had bitten more than he could chew when fighting against the Vulture. I think many people can relate to this in real life. I’d rather have Sony/Marvel focus more on the “Friendly Neighborhood” type of Spidey with NY-based villains which seems like the approach Marvel is taking which is good.

2) Michelle is MJ! But no not really.
Based on Kevin Feige’s publicized response, it’s that they wanted to put a twist on Mary Jane with Michelle as a potential love interest which I can see them doing. But in respect to Mary Jane, they didn’t use the same name but kind of proven the rumor to be some what true. But it would be weird if they introduce another MJ though. I think most fans weren’t thrilled with Zendaya’s performance and she wasn’t THE MJ we were expecting. I guess we’ll see what happens. I really do miss Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy though. But I never cared for Kirsten Dunst’s portrayal of MJ in Raimi’s films.

3) The Vulture is Liz’s Dad.
The Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner homage was excellently carried out on screen. I didn’t really see this twist coming. But I knew there was going to be some twist coming to where Keaton’s Vulture would discover who Peter was. I think everyone who watched “Homecoming” can agree that Keaton’s portrayal as Vulture has been the best on screen villain we’ve seen in the MCU.

4) Gwyneth Paltrow Appearance.
I figured Gwyneth Paltrow was done with making Marvel movie appearances after watching “Civil War”. I guess I was wrong! She makes a surprise cameo and ends up becoming engaged to Tony, unexpectedly though.

5) Recon Mode or Kill Mode.
The A.I. in Spidey’s suit is a little over kill and makes him too much like Iron Man. But would you really expect anything less from Tony Stark? I’m hoping they really downplay this in the upcoming films as I feel it takes a lot from Spider-Man’s abilities.

6) Vulture Doesn’t Rat on Peter?
Talk about a humble villain… Vulture ends up keeping his mouth shut on Peter’s identity as Spider-Man. I wonder why? Is it to protect his family or does he have an ulterior motive? Maybe, it’s because he respects Peter wanting to do better and envies him still being innocent and untainted from the real world.

7) There’s Two Shockers!?
The part where they introduce both Shockers by Keaton was pretty hilarious. What was once a gimmicky name ended up becoming an actual alias for Bokeem Woodbine’s character, Herman Schultz.

8) Scorpion Appearance.
I felt both Woodbine and Mike Mando’s characters were under utilized but it was expected. I’m hoping the end credits scene is foreshadowing a future Sinister Six movie and if they’re in the same prison as Kingpin (if you follow Daredevil TV series on Netflix), then this may not be too far from the truth. If they take the direction like M. Night Shymalan’s “Split” and keep it villain-centric or even like a Goodfellas-style movie where it’s “bad guy vs. bad guy” then it could turn out to be a good story.

9) No Spidey Sense?
It’s interesting to see Jon Watt’s focusing on a developing Spider-Man rather than a seasoned one or even a Spider-Man who seems to have a very short learning curve and becomes this expert super hero like in other films. Maybe, we’ll get this in “Avengers: Infinity War”?

10) Aunt May Discovers Peter’s Secret.
I felt this was rather sudden! But Marissa Tomei was lovely as a younger Aunt May and her reaction was priceless. We’ll see how she copes with this in the sequel!

Review: Marvel’s Iron Fist


Marvel Iron Fist is finally out on Netflix for your binge watching pleasure. I didn’t have much to do over the weekend so I was able to finish all thirteen episodes. I like to keep an open mind when watching a TV show or movie despite reading reviews from critics and fans. Therefore, I didn’t go in with the mindset of being dissatisfied with Finn Jones because of his lackluster performance on Game of Thrones or being disappointed with Marvel not casting an Asian-American. I gave the show a chance because of Marvel’s track record has been pretty stellar in catering to general audiences with The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy as well as mature ones with Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

First and foremost, Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple has been the real cohesiveness to bringing all of the shows together as she has starred in all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Netflix series and she has been my favorite and consistent character thus far. Her willingness to help others has always gotten her in a pickle with having to help people with issues which turn out to be superheroes in the end. Dawson’s presence in Iron Fist brings her experience to the fight against the Hand and some wisdom to the Kung Fu warrior but young and naïve, Danny Rand destined to be the Iron fist who is played by Finn Jones. The screenplay could have been handled a lot better. Many of the things from the comics did not translate well in verbatim for live action TV in the present time. The story needed the slow pull in the beginning to introduce the characters and story but it never got better. There were a couple “ah ha” moments when you learned more about the Hand from Madame Gau and Bakuto. But each episode kind of left me in a medium to low state as I just thought how they tried gunning for the Hand and Madame Gau was not very convincing. In addition, although you see a different faction of the Hand you don’t see their full strength like you do in Daredevil. I don’t know if it is due to budgetary constraints but I could definitely feel it being of less quality. As for casting, Finn Jones had some highlighted moments with his action scenes and his coping with post traumatic stress. But much of the dialogue was very cheesy and many moments were just not believable. Each time Jones would come out saying that, “I’m the Iron Fist” I just couldn’t help but to laugh. It does not translate well from the comic pages. I definitely agree with the critics stating he was miscast. Yeah, I would’ve liked it more if they found a talented Asian-American actor but even not, they could’ve found someone better. If they relied on Jones to handle the series on his own it would perform a lot worse. But because they had a solid supporting cast with Tom Pelphrey, Jessica Henwick, Jessica Stroup and David Wenham the show held up. To tell you the truth, I would’ve enjoyed seeing Tom Pelphrey try to pull off being the Iron Fist rather than Finn Jones. I think Pelphrey is a talented actor and his character development on screen is believable. Stroup was a grounded and likeable character by being business woman trying to run a company while coping with her undying past if you will. They didn’t linger much on her character outside of the interaction with her family and Danny which was good because it probably would’ve have not added much to the story. Veteran actor, Wenham delivers nothing short of amazing. You name it, movies like 300 and Lord of the Rings he has a solid supporting actor record. I think this time he just goes all out with evilness and it’s scary to watch him because of his temper-tantric violent actions. Now, for Jessica Henwick she has her high notes in the beginning with some cool fight scenes. But once they get into her being the romantic love interest, her character becomes quite dull. I feel they could’ve polished her development better in the end especially since she was involved in a big twist in the series and I liked her character a lot in the beginning.

Lastly, the finale was very disappointing. Scott Buck is notoriously known for writing Dexter and many fans were disappointed with its ending and I can say that I was disappointed with the Iron Fist ending too. The fight choreography wasn’t on the “oh shit” tip like in Daredevil but there were a couple fight scenes that were cool like the cage fights, hallway fight and rumble brawl but it definitely was a predictable ending. They could’ve also casted someone better for Davos as he was just an annoying character and especially since he’s destined to be Danny’s arch nemesis, Steel Serpent he didn’t feel like a threat. In summary, I enjoyed quite a few episodes like 4 and 5 but Iron Fist felt like the weakest link of the MCU/Netflix series and I’m weary on the chemistry with the rest of the Defenders. But if they’re going for the young naïve kid that knows martial arts then I guess they casted right. But the character was never really popular outside of cult readers and many of the stories were not that interesting unless they were with Power Man a.k.a. Luke Cage. I think Marvel could’ve done a better job in telling a more compelling story and updated the lore of the Iron Fist much better for contemporary audiences.


Review: Marvel’s Doctor Strange


Marvel does it again with their latest release, Doctor Strange. It was a fun, trippy and humorous movie that tells a new origin story but keeps the core elements of what makes a Marvel movie. I didn’t expect as much humor as it did but I feel that it worked well to keep the movie relatable and fun in bringing us a new aspect of astral projection, magic and dark dimensions. I thought Benedict Cumberbatch was perfect as cocky neural surgeon turned cocky Sorcerer. The movie wastes no time in showing us how Strange is adept in learning his newfound magical powers and it’s stuffed with plenty of action. We’re finally introduced to the next Infinity Stone, the Time Stone and it was cool to see Dr. Strange manipulate time to save the world and stop Dormammu from taking over! It was a quite clever idea on Derrickson and Feige incorporating the stone into Eye of Agamotto. The supporting cast was perfect with many known veteran actors Chiwetel Ejiofor as Baron Mordo, Tilda Swington as Ancient One, Mads Mikkelsen as Kaecillius, Rachel McAdams as Night Nurse Christine and Benedict Wong as librarian, Wong. The backstory for Mordo was changed quite a bit as in the comics as he was like Mikkelsen’s character in being obsessed over obtaining power from the dark dimension but instead Mordo is modified to be more of a purist in maintaining the order of things without disrupting it. It’d be interesting to see how he will develop and cross paths with Strange again. The special effects in the movie were nothing short of amazing and were reminiscent of what you’d find in Christopher Nolan’s “Inception” but on a slightly wider scale. I think Marvel did a good job in making the movie with a playful tone without getting too serious to make it a well-rounded and enjoyable film for comic enthusiasts and those unfamiliar with Dr. Strange. I highly suggest watching this in IMAX 3D as you’ll get a lot of eye popping sequences throughout the film that should be fun for the kids and adults alike. Although the movie was good, it’s definitely not the greatest film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and I believe many fans will still put “Guardians of the Galaxy”, “Iron Man” and “The Avengers” or even “Captain America: Civil War” ahead.

Cosplay Build Pt . 1 – DBS Future Trunks Sword & Scabbard

After attending pop culture conventions these past three years or so, I’ve grown admiration for cosplayers and costume makers who spend their talents on creating such detailed outfits and props. I remember my first time going to WonderCon and seeing some really cool costumes and wondered how they made it and discovering it’s not constructed out of metal or plastic. Huh? I learned that foam whither it is in the form of styrofoam, foam board, craft foam are the essentials to a cosplayer’s palette. I figured why not give it a shot myself and after watching Dragon Ball Super, I had wanted to build a Future Trunks costume with minimal effort possible.

My first build post will focus on the sword building as it has been the most work I’ve had to do. It has been a fun process thus far and I wanted to share with you my progress on it. A lot of it the sword building I had learned through EpicFantasy on YouTube, DIUCosplay and Fire Lily Cosplay. Here are some essential materials to build a foam sword: Modpodge, Paint brushes, Measuring tape, Hot glue gun w/ glue sticks, Craft foam, Foam board, Elmer’s Glue-All, Sewing kit and X-Acto knife.

Sword Build: 

I used two 20 in. x 30 in. foam boards and measured 27 in. x 2.5 in. for the exposed blade and 9 in. x 1 in. for handle. I used an X-Acto knife to try and cut the board to made defined edges. Afterwards, I would give it a few coats of Modpodge to seal and primer it then sprayed it with Krylon Premium Metallic Chrome paint.

One thing I knew, I wanted to make this bad boy modular! So I can take it apart and fit it in a tube for easier packing when going to cons. Therefore, for the hilt guard I had to cut out two 8.5 in. pieces and two smaller pieces to fill the gap in between so the 1 in. wide handle can slide in. I ended up cutting two more longer pieces to secure the space that meets the blade and handle portion. I glued the pieces together using Elmer’s All Purpose glue. To make the edges more even, I used an X-acto knife to trim. To give it a smoother look, rather than sanding/filing, I wrapped it with craft foam along the rough edges and hot glued it then put two coats of Modpodge. Wait a few hours to dry then spray it in Chrome paint.

For the handle, I used a papertowel roll and cut down the middle and then wrapped it in Newbaum’s khaki cloth tape while holding the end of the blade handle.

The pommel was probably the most hardest part in design and one of the last additions to the sword (still not completed yet). I couldn’t find any pommels that I could buy that was cheap nor could I find door knobs that were proportionate to the sword. But then I found out I could use paper clay to make it myself as it air drys to harden.

Scabbard w/ Strap Build: 

Used craft foam and wrapped it around some cut out pieces from Amazon cardboard boxes I had lying around and hot glued it together. Then I used Modpodge to seal and primer it and spray painted it with some Satin Colonial Red paint.

I spent some time researching olive drab belt buckles that matches what Trunks is wearing. It resembles a lot like seat belt buckles. I tried to see if Buckle Down had any plain olive drab ones but I was out of luck. I thought about using various military seat belts and uniform belts but then I realized how heavy a seat belt buckle is after owning a Spider-Man Buckle Down belt. Then I stumbled across Strapworks.com that specialized in all sorts of straps you can think of and I found they had aluminum side release buckles with 1.5 in. lightweight polypropylene straps in olive drab. I thought to myself, although, it’s not screen accurate, it would look great to keep the metal buckle look but strive more for functionality. So I ordered two with one sized at 4 ft. for the scabbard strap while the other is 3 ft. to be used as the waist belt.

After they arrived, I started measuring about how much I needed to wrap some scrap straps around the scabbard. I miscalculated and realized that 4 ft. didn’t have any slack remaining to use so I was like, “Shit!” Then I was thinking, should I order more from Strapworks or go to Amazon? Neither… I ended up finding an old web belt lying around and cut it up to size, although it is in a more vintage olive drab color. I figured it’s not that serious and it gives the scabbard a vintage look anyway. It ended up working out. I sewed the 4 ft. strap w/ attached buckle to the smaller straps and then hot glued it on to the scabbard. But I had to reassess and re-measure it a few times to ensure that the buckle is close to center along the body when worn because it would look kind of funny if the buckle shows up too high or too low along the chest. The lower wrapped strap needed a little more slack compared to the upper wrapped strap.

Stay tuned to my next post on building the outfits…

Review: Marvel’s Luke Cage


Marvel’s Luke Cage debuted on Netflix last Friday and it’s indeed another good Marvel/Netflix series added to the catalog. It is a continuation from where Jessica Jones left off and we get some origin stories into the mix. What’s great about these shows and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is that everything is connected together and they do solid job in continuity and making each show feel like it is a part in subtle manner. In case you didn’t know, Luke Cage will eventually meet up with Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist and in a mini-series to defend NYC against an undisclosed threat (which is likely The Hand..you’ll need to watch Daredevil and The Defenders teaser trailer to know what I’m talking about).

First, lets take some time to talk about Rosario Dawson as she has been an essential part in the Marvel/Netflix series. She plays Claire, a nurse with the willingness to help others that finds the passion to want to help superheroes. She had a pretty good sized role in the first season of Daredevil and had a couple cameos on season two while only having one essential cameo in Jessica Jones. But on Cage, she has a larger role and appearing in more episodes. She’ll need some funding to pursue her passion because taking care of people is likely exhausting and expensive if you’re using up your own money! But I guess that is where Danny Rand (a.k.a. Iron Fist) comes in as the rich kid who inherits family money and becomes a kung fu master bearing the mystical powers of the Iron Fist. If you’re unfamiliar with the comic books, Luke Cage and Iron Fist team up as Heroes for Fire to help those in need. I believe that is the direction that Marvel is going with with possibly adding Misty Knight into the fold as well since she plays Rand’s girlfriend in the comics.

Now, Mike Colter has done a great job playing Luke Cage and I know some fans may have been skeptical at first but he was awesome. Each time he says “Sweet Christmas” I end up laughing because it’s corny and was used in the comics. Remember, the comics were from the 70’s! But they poke some fun at it when Cage is wearing a teairra and yellow shirt for brief time while on the run from the cops. There’s some humor throughout the series, especially on the topic of “coffee” and the action was sufficient. It’s apart from what Daredevil was, only because Cage is a bulletproof, one-punch knock out type of guy. But the soundtrack was phenomenal which was produced by Adrian Younge who has worked Delfonics and Wu-Tang by delivering that funk and jazzy sound from the 70’s. You’ll hear songs from Ghostface, Method Man, Raphael Saadiq and original compositions. When watching Cage, you definitely felt like you were watching a contemporary remake of a 70’s gangster flick that takes place in the Bronx. Kudos to Younge.

As for the antagonists, there were a few to name and the show actually gives you a couple twists as to who really is the larger threat. Without spoiling it, I’ll say that the finale felt anti-climatic but I think they did that on purpose to provide an open ending for a next season. You have Luke Cage who can rip through any organization and tear them down physically but in the end, how much has he really accomplished? You realize everything he has done has only been a short fix to a much bigger problem and he’s not the only one who realizes that as others go through the repercussions of challenging a corrupt system. For example, Misty Knight played by Simone Willick did a wonderful job in playing out the frustrations of trying to do right within the criminal justice system as she goes for a couple whirls and based on her blinded decisions she paid the consequences of it. With Erik LaRay Harvey, he always brings that over dramatic “don’t fuck with me” type of attitude and I think it’s great for this type of show as I loved him in Boardwalk Empire. But it’s good to know there will be more story to tell with him in the near future as well.

Overall, I recommend this show but if you haven’t watched the other Marvel/Netflix shows, I suggest you do so as they all tell a story. Although, they are connected to the Marvel movies as well, you can do without having to be sped up on all of them. At the end, what we do know is they’ve set up Luke Cage for something larger for the next time we see him as he’ll likely be meeting a familiar lawyer from Hell’s Kitchen who will be doing a favor for Claire.

Geek Out Thursday

Spider-Verse @ Dragon Con ’16. Credit: Jeff James

To my fellow geeks out there, I bring to you Geek Out Thursdays where I’m sharing with you random geek news and ugh…geek stuff I rather talk about than politics. Deal with it.

Let’s see. There are not many shows I’m keeping up with right now since I’ve finished Marco Polo, Stranger Things and The Get Down on Netflix. I’m waiting for my superhero shows to come back on at the end of September and early October. Some shows that are on now that I try to keep up with are: Suits, The Strain and Mr. Robot. I’m two episodes behind on Suits but am caught up on the other two.

On Mr. Robot> As a fellow CEH and IT worker, I really enjoy this series but this season has been slooowww with build-up but with all good reason based on the big twist in episode 8. The latest episode was excellent and it’s all that we’ve been waiting for by interweaving important moments for these characters, specifically Angela and Elliot. It was interesting to see how FBI Agent DiPierro is tracking F Society’s footsteps. She’s a different type of FBI Agent than what I’m used to seeing on television and I love it! Joanna Wellick is such a sadistic and sexy character. When she walks over to Elliot when he denies her request, I wasn’t sure if I should be scared or turned on? Also, the one-take point of view at the end of the episode was a wonderful touch. Recap by Rolling Stone

Joe Manganiello = Deathstroke> Well, looks like the rumors are true! Former True Blood actor and former Flash Thompson in Raimi’s Spider-Man is finally making his way into the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). For those that don’t know DCEU, it’s the movie verse much like how Marvel’s is Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). I totally am with this casting. I think he will play an excellent Deathstroke in The Batman that’s directed and starring Ben Affleck. Manganiello has the age, physique and bad-ass persona. I think he’s the third actor to come from a Marvel movie. Source: WSJ

What’s up with Dragon Ball Super?> I’m a big fan of Dragon Ball series since I was in middle school. I’ve read some of the manga but was mostly into the movies and TV series. The idea of Akira Toriyama resurrecting the Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) series is a profitable one but a lot of the concepts I’m not really digging. The whole Super Saiyan God thing and hair coloring with pink and blue is just ridiculous to me and seems to be a cheap out in power level transformation. I thought Super Saiyan 3 was pretty cool in DBZ and they could’ve done better to top that. Although, I do kind of like the potential with Goku Black but we’ll see how that goes. I had seen a few people at Dragon Con cosplay as Black but no Future Trunks. Also, why couldn’t they have left Trunks with his longer hair do after coming out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and why does he look skinnier now? Oh, that’s right. Post-apocalyptic dieting. :/ Watch Trunks v. Goku Black

Dragon Con 2016 Summary

It has been a few days since I’ve posted! I just got back from Atlanta, GA for Dragon Con 2016 and back to work I go. Oh, how Tuesday now feels like a Monday today *sighs*. But it was another awesome year of seeing many creative and clever costumes. Some of the ones that stood out to me the most were: Galactus-Deadpool mash up, Asajj Ventress from Star Wars, gender-bent Joker from Batman, Mysterio from Spider-Man, comic version of Ra’s Al Ghul with the League of Assassins, a very detailed Armored Batman from Batman v. Superman, an electrocuted rendition of Darth Vader from Return of the Jedi and some cosplays from Diablo. Based on what I’ve seen this year, the popular theme seemed to have been Pokemon and Harley Quinn with the Pokemon Go craze and the release of the Suicide Squad movie. Surprisingly, there weren’t as many Deadpools as last year. I had cosplayed as Ben Reilly-Scarlet Spider and was in the Superhero Costuming Forum Marvel photo shoot and the Spider-verse one on Sunday. From walking around all of the hotels, some of the popular cosplayers that I noticed were: Yaya Han, LeeAnna Vamp, Riddle, Hip-Hop Trooper and Lonstermash. This year I had stayed at Hotel Indigo which was built earlier this year. It was really nice inside and the rooms are spacious and bathrooms were  as well plus it’s conveniently located right on Peachtree Blvd. so it’s a short walk to the con hotels like the Hyatt and Marriott. It was good seeing some friends I made last year and making some new ones! Check out some of the photos I shot from Dragon Con and for more, visit my Flickr.


Con Weekend in ATL & B-More

League of Assassins cosplay from Arrow TV show @ Dragon Con 2015. Credit: GCF Photography

There are two multi-genre pop culture conventions going on this weekend: Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA and Baltimore Comic-Con in Baltimore, MD. There could be more but I’m not aware. Thus far, I’ve attended seven different conventions and I must say that Dragon Con has been my favorite. This weekend I’ll be attending for my second time. Ever since I’ve started attending “comic-cons” or more accurately “pop-culture cons” a few years ago, there are three things that I learned:

  1. There are an outrageous amount of different cons across the globe with California having the most (I can count about 8 of them). Also, did you know that Brazil has their own as well? Check out Comic Con Experience and Anime Friends.
  2. There is something for everyone as many cons have developed to being multi-genre instead of focusing on one type. Whither you’re going for toy collecting, discussion panels on how to illustrate, teen drama autograph signings, original artwork commissioning, sci-fi exhibits, comic book enthusiasts, expressing yourself as a Trekkie, gender bending, taking selfies with porn star-turned-cosplay models, escaping the house from your controlling wife, spending quality time with the kids and etc. You name it. It’s a fun time!
  3. You get to meet so many awesome people from all over the world who you can connect with on your inner geekdom. And not everyone is socially awkward and lame. A lot of people have real 9-5 jobs and are successful in what they do. Some may be models, some may run their own businesses while crafting their own outfits and may do commissions to the side. The fact of the matter is that it doesn’t really matter because you get to share experiences, have interesting talks on why Batman is the best ever (because he’s Batman) and develop lasting relationships with some quality people as I have.

Last year at Dragon Con I got to see some really cool cosplay (pictured above) and it’s nice to see the parade full of different cosplay groups at the end. As you may see in the first photo at the top of the post, I had dressed up as one of the Assassins in the League of Assassins from the CW TV show, Arrow (or you could say I was Maseo for those that watch the show). It’s painful to wear this thing in Summer weather!

This year, I’ll be dressing up as Ben Reilly‘s Scarlet Spider which is one of my favorite Spidey-verse characters and the outfit is more comfortable to wear since it’s spandex but I can barely see in the mask. It was quite a success at Wonder Con and Awesome Con this year as I’ve received many compliments. It’s by the RPC Studio based out in Thailand. But I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this year and I hope to see you there!

Photo Sep 04, 1 04 44 AM

P.S. To the cute blonde girl from Atlanta that I met at Beauty and Essex in N.Y.C. for your friend’s Bachelorette party. I hope to find you in your Link cosplay!  🙂  ❤

P.S.S. In case you were wondering, I’ll be posting pics from Dragon Con after Labor Day weekend. In the meantime, check out LOA Cosplay page.